We’ve found ourselves back in another lockdown – normal life is definitely feeling interrupted. Our new sermon series will look at some of the people involved in the Christmas/Epiphany stories and reflect on how life was  interrupted for them. It will give us the opportunity to think about themes such as waiting, uncertainty, faithfulness, expectation and openness.

This week we focus on Zechariah & Elizabeth; and we also host our very first livestream!

All In: I Am… #1

I AM…. THE GOOD SHEPHERD. We’re delighted to introduce Raymond V Cheeseburger III as the host of Give Us A Clue – you can play along at home and see if you can beat our other contestants. We’re also thrilled to reveal our new feature: Draw with Benjy (“Four legs is good”). Find out what difference it makes to have Jesus as our Good Shepherd. Spoiler alert: it makes all the difference in the world!


If we were to look at our October sermon series in 3 short hashtags, they could be; #notmywillbutYourwillbedone #searchmeoGodandknowmyheart #hereamisendme Which of these daring, even dangerous, prayers you have been praying? Has God has been speaking to you or showing you anything in particular? If He has and if it is something that you want to share, please do drop us a line ‘[email protected]

This Sunday we finish the ‘Dare to Pray’ series with the prayer that Samuel prayed; #speakLordforyourservantislistening


This weeks online service is themed around ‘Here I am, send me’ – we would love to hear what you make of it and what your sense of our/your response could be: [email protected]


Join us this week as Ben Morgan Lundie tackles the next challenging prayer in our ‘Dare to Pray’ series looking at ‘Search Me Lord’.