Welcome to Falmouth – adventure awaits! If you’ve decided to study here in Falmouth, we’d love to invite you to come and say hi.

You’ve made a great choice coming to Falmouth to study and we’re ready to help you find a home whilst you’re here.

You’ll find a warm welcome at all of our services, activities and events. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved and make new friends so that you quickly feel at home with us. And just like with a new home, we’re keen to be a church that you’ll feel comfortable inviting your friends to visit as well.


After the Sunday gathering we always have an opportunity for students to stay on and connect. We’ll post the term dates here shortly but as a general guideline:

1st SUNDAY: student community with hot chocolate and toast

2nd SUNDAY: head to the worship night hosted by Vineyard at EBC

3rd SUNDAY: student community with hot chocolate and toast

4th SUNDAY: trip to a local pub or eatery


We like to invite our students to connect with the whole family of church as well as with other students. So there are some things that we do just for students – but other things that we’ll encourage you to join in with that will help you meet, worship and serve alongside a whole mix of people. That’s when it really feels like home.

Follow us on social media for updates of events or check out our groups page where we’ll post what we’re doing. Or why not get in touch directly to start a conversation? We’d love to hear from you.

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