What to expect

It can feel a big deal to come to church for the first time. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible so here are some extra details to help...

Tell me about Sundays…


Come anytime from 3.45pm for a warm welcome accompanied by tea, coffee and home-made cakes. You’ll have the chance to meet a few friendly faces and if you’ve brought kids with you then we’ll introduce you to their team.


At 4pm we encourage everyone to take their seats (and you can hang on to your tea and cake as you do so). Usually we start with a time of sung worship led by the band. The words are on the screen and you’re free to join in or sit and watch. Then we normally have a talk looking at a passage from the Bible. And we finish with more sung worship and a time of prayer.


We love having children with us in church and want them to feel as welcome as anyone else. We’re ready for them to be noisy, messy and roaming around when we’re all together. Part-way through the service we have groups to help children and young people engage with God in fun and accessible ways if they’d like to. We have good buggy access, facilities with a changing table and space for children to play and make friends.


We have excellent disabled access through the main doors and plenty of space inside. Please ask anyone wearing a lanyard if you need assistance. If it would help to have an accessible parking space, please get in touch and we’ll reserve you one.

Dress code

Whatever you’re comfortable in works for us! We’re an informal group and often gather with shorts, t-shirts and sandy feet. If you feel better in a shirt and tie, though, we won’t bat an eyelid either.

The Building

From the outside the church might look traditional but once inside you’ll find a light and open space with comfortable seats along with a café-style welcome area. It all combines to create a beautiful and atmospheric worship environment.


We are a warm and friendly church who are committed to being a safe church for all. Our safeguarding policies and protocols are available to view here. We believe that keep people safe is everyone’s responsibility. If anyone sees or experiences something that doesn’t seem right we encourage them to report it straight away. Details of how to do this are in the above link.

Still nervous about coming?

Want to skip the welcome and slip in at 4pm? No problem. Want to sit at the back and head off early? That’s fine. And if it still feels like too big a thing to just turn up, get in touch – perhaps we could have a cup of tea in a café in town to chat it through first?