Psalm 22

Alex St Ledger-Renfree reflects on Psalm 22 and how it looks forward to the cross 

The Good Shepherd

This week Jonny brings a New Testament perspective on ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ by reflecting on Jesus as our Good Shepherd (John 10). Although a New Street member, Jonny speaks with his Bible Society hat on and introduces us to vision and aims of this brilliant organisation.

God’s love chases after us

Sarah Yardley uses the Message translation of Psalm 23 and explores the idea that the love of God chases after us and that we find ourselves at home in God’s love.

Dwell in His house forever

Sophie concludes our look at Psalm 23 with the assurance that we can live with God forever.

For You are with me

Simon brings this important promise from Psalm 23 to us sharing his own personal experience; ‘For You are with me’