Pentecost – Our God is a God of Surprises

Geoff Davis recalls the time God sent His Holy Spirit to the followers of Jesus in Jerusalem and reminds us of the joy we can have in knowing Jesus.

Knowing Jesus – Becoming like Him

‘Rejoice in the Lord’ Bishop Hugh reminds us of God’s joy when there is plenty going on around us that makes joy difficult. Paul’s letter to the Philippians talks about joy and rejoicing despite Paul being in prison when writing it.
Hugh gives us three simple practical habits to help us be like Jesus, to dwell with the Father, with joy.

Knowing Jesus – God at work in us

Many of us long to become more like Jesus in our everyday lives and relationships.  This week in Philippians (Philippians ch 2. verses 12-30 ), we look at God’s part and our part in our transformation.

Knowing Jesus-Going low to be lifted high

Kayode Odetayo from Falmouth’s Harbour Church reminds and challenges us that, as Jesus was prepared to humble himself and go to the cross for our sins, so we need to humble ourselves before God to let Him raise us up and take the situation from us.

Knowing Jesus-God at work in the tough times

Charles Blizzard uses Paul’s writing to the Philippians (Philippians 1.12-26 ) to show how God is at work in us even when times are really tough.