Up, In, Out

This sermon series helps us explore a whole-hearted life of worship

Worship the Newborn King

Hannah, one of our curates, reminds us that we can only worship God because He first came down. We can only know who it is we worship as He revealed himself in and through Jesus.

Worship Looking Out

Sophie reminds us of the kind of worship God loves and desires from us. Its not just about the songs we sing on a Sunday, it’s worship that is so wholehearted that it makes a difference, every day, as we seek to live and act and love with His heart, moved and equipped by His Spirit. That we’re joining in with His work of bringing transformation and grace into the spaces and places where we go.

Worshipping with All that We Have

Sophie reminds us that we can only worship God because God has given us everything we need to worship Him. Using 1 Chronicles 29 verses 10 – 20 we are reminded that this includes our giving both through financial giving and giving through service to one another.

Worship and Telling Out

Sharon Angell shares her testimony of how she has responded to the great commission reported in Matthew 28 verse 19 where Jesus commands us to go into all the world, making disciples and baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all of Jesus’ commands. Sharon reminds us that He promises to be with us when we offer to give our whole life to Jesus in this way.

Worship With All Of Your Mind

One of our curates, David explores how we are to grow in faith as truth needs to be discerned and tested through which we grow. Having a child-like faith does not mean childish but child-like, endlessly curious.