Power and Presence: Holy Spirit Series

This series helps us to not just learn about the Holy Spirit but invites us to grow in our experience of living spirit-filled lives and being a spirit-filled church. With a mixture of teaching and practical application we’ll be exploring how this is all part of our church DNA. We’ll also hear from a few guest speakers and church members about their experiences of the Holy Spirit.

Mission & The Holy Spirit

We welcome our guest speaker Dr Gerard Charles from OMF to speak about the Holy Spirit and Mission. He shares from his own experiences as a missionary and uses Acts 1:1-11 to help us think about our own call to be witnesses.

Spiritual Gifts

Sophie refers to I Corinthians chapter 12 to set some foundations for thinking about spiritual gifts

Come, all who are thirsty

Sophie invites us to come and wait on God and receive His gift of the Holy Spirit to each and everyone of us

God’s gift of the Holy Spirit

Sophie talks about God’s gift to us of the Holy Spirit

Presence of God

Nathan, leader of Falmouth Vineyard, helps us explore how we can experience the presence of God in our lives