Being Church

Growing together in love.

God’s plan is to bless us

Charles Bizzard talks us through Psalm 67 – ‘The Missionary Psalm’ – and reminds us that as we ask God to bless us say we shouldn’t say it for ourselves but we should use it to ask God’s blessing on all nations, a world that so needs our God and to know His ways and His salvation.

God is always with us

One of our congregation, Alex, explores Psalm 139  and reminds us that there is nowhere we can go where God is not with us, whether we are at work, whether we are struggling, whether we feel we have failed, God understands our struggles and daily challenges and is there ready to pick us up, He is the lord of our life – if we let Him.

Being Church – One Body, Many Parts

Amanda Denniss explores what it means for us, as a local church in Falmouth, to live our lives together as a community, each of us using the spiritual gifts that God has given us.

Being Church – Spiritual Gifts

Amanda Denniss reminds us to keep on asking God to fill us with His Holy Spirit and ask Him for His spiritual gifts in order to benefit the church.

Being Church – Sharing Lives

Nathan Gilbert, Leader of Falmouth Vineyard Church, using Acts chapter 2, helps us understand what it means to be church, how to be involved, joining small groups, share our lives, worship God, etc., so that we can bring the Kingdom of God into our community.