Young People

Here at New Street, we want to create lots of different spaces. Space to explore what faith is, a space to be creative in, a space to relax and de-stress in, and a space to call home. Sometimes, a space to escape the pressures of life (just for a little while) or a space to truly feel yourself. Whatever space you feel is missing in your life right now, church (maybe surprisingly) can be that space for you.

All good things start with a moment when we say ‘ok, l’ll give this a go’. For you, that might be giving church a go. Trust us, you won’t regret it!


Come along on a Sunday to see what we’re doing and try it out yourself. You’re welcome to sit with your folks (if they came too) or come to sit with some of the other young people. Some Sunday’s there is specific youth provision and you can head out part-way through the service. Other Sunday’s you’re invited to get stuck in with serving in the church (we’ll chat that through with you but usually youth serve in the band, with kids, on the tech team or on the welcome team).

New Street Youth on Thursday…

We’re yet to think of a better name, but don’t let that distract from our awesome times hanging out together on Thursdays (7:00-8:30pm in term time) down at Fairwinds (formerly Huddle) in town. We love being in this amazing space and making it our own for the evening as we hang out together, have fun and spend some time thinking about what it means to follow Jesus.


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